Account Manager

Your account manager will be responsible for communication between you and the marketing team. This person will have a deep understanding off the car business and possess the skills necessary to ensure the execution of your business growth plan.

Project Manager

It takes an army of talented people, great vendors and results-driven creative to realize success. All of those things have to be managed seamlessly without error ffor your strategy to come together. The best way to describe this position is as the general contractor of your marketing plan.

Media Buyer

The negotiation and purchasing of targeted time and space to convey a message takes serious industry knowledge and media buying expertise. We believe that our retainer is often paid for by the money saved on media buys alone. Your message needs to be in the right place at the right time for the right price. This person will ensure that happens.

Creative Director

The Creative Director’s responsibility will be to lead the communication design, interactive design and concept development within your business growth strategy. The ultimate goal for this team member is to deliver your brand in a professional way while still providing traffic building results.

Social Media Manager

With the ever-evolving digital landscape your Social Media Manager wears many hats. They create content, analyze trends, stay tuned-in to relevant local events and industry news, provide customer service, manage communication between platforms and funnel leads to your dealership. Our Social Media Managers possess automotive industry expertise and assist in turning your social media platforms into lead generators.


Producing compelling and persuasive content is a daunting task, especially in the competitive automotive marketplace. The copywriter will create your advertisements verbal or textual content with the end goal being to drive traffic and sell more cars.

Graphic Video Designer

Video will be used within multiple mediums in your business growth strategy. This team member will use video and motion graphics to promote your brand, deliver your message and drive traffic to your dealership.